Game Preview: Dead Space 2

TTPM is all about families having fun together. That often means parents and adults buying toys and games for their kids and occasionally finding something that they will enjoy as much as the kids. Well today’s game preview is strictly for you adults because no child should be playing this game. It’s called Dead Space 2 and it is the follow up to the popular and critically acclaimed, Dead Space.

Dead Space 2 is a horror/science-fiction adventure game in which the hero, Isaac Clarke, battles aliens, the government and dementia while dealing with recurring visions of his dead girlfriend. Players will be faced with all sorts of enemies to fight and will find a gross yet creative arsenal of weapons to aid them in battle. One weapon, the Javelin, allows you to impale your enemies on the wall or you can use your telekinetic abilities to turn limbs into weapons. It’s bloody, gory, scary and awesome all in one.

Look for Dead Space 2 in stores today (January 25, 2011). The game is rated Mature and available for Xbox 360 for $59.99.


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