Game Review: Cook Or Be Cooked

by Jeff McKinney

cookIt’s the day before Thanksgiving and I’ve got food on my mind. Food and video games that is, which is why Cook Or Be Cooked is the perfect gaming compliment to tomorrow’s feast.

Cook or be Cooked from Namco and Food Network is a game that can also improve your real-world culinary skills. Using the Wii-Remote and Nunchuk controller, the game requires you to perform slicing and dicing actions as you play through over 30 actual recipes from the Food Network Kitchens. Play alone or challenge a friend to a cooking dual as you follow the on-screen cooking instructions.

If you enjoy the Cooking Mama games, then you will love Cook or be Cooked, which consists of a similar play-pattern but features real recipes that you can recreate in your kitchen.

Cook or be Cooked is in stores and available online now for the Nintendo Wii. The game is rated Everyone.

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