Game Preview: Titanfall

It isn’t every week that a new game release generates as much buzz as this week’s Titanfall has. So what is Titanfall, and is it okay for your kids to play, especially because it has received an M rating?

Lets start with the what. Titanfall is Sci-Fi, First-Person Shooter game from EA Games. It’s a Microsoft exclusive that is out now for Xbox One and PC. The game will also be available for Xbox 360 later this month. The game is set in the future, and players will embark on combat missions as both elite assault pilots and heavy armored Titans. As pilots, players are able to move quickly and precisely, while as Titans, which are like giant robot suits of armor, and the movement becomes slower but packed with power.


Titanfall shines in its online multiplayer mode. In this mode, players join other gamers online for story-based matches that include cut-scenes. Cut-Scenes are traditionally considered more of a single player, offline game standard, so the inclusion in Titanfall’s online multiplayer mode creates a unique gaming experience.

Titanfall utilizes the Xbox One’s capacity to deliver stunning graphics, which in turn lead to highly realistic visuals… and realistic violence.

Is it okay for your kids to play? Titanfall is rated M for mature, which means it is intended for ages 17 and up. The game received that rating because of the blood, gore, strong language and violence. Its a first-person shooter where the goal is to kill your opponent using an armory of destructive weapons. As with any online multiplayer game, the game has no control over the language used by other online players. In other words, trash-talk and extremely objectionable language from other gamers is highly likely.

Microsoft has big hopes that Titanfall will spur sales of the Xbox One as the original Halo did for the first Xbox back in 2001. If early buzz and reviews are any indication, this is going to be a big game for Xbox but will it become the kind of phenomenon Halo became? We will just have to wait and see.

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