Game Preview: Mario Sports Mix

When Mario isn’t busy saving princess or plumbing, he is probably competing in some type of sport. Over the years, Mario and his gang have had numerous sports games, form competing at the Olympics to playing tennis. The latest game, Mario Sports Mix, is a compilation of four sports: basketball, hockey, volleyball, and dodgeball. Each sport has three tournaments and players can also do single-player and multiplayer exhibition modes.

Mario Sports game always combine the wackiness of a Nintendo game with elements of a sport game to create something that is energetic, hilarious and fun to play. These games typically include over-the-top power-ups and physics-defying moves that make the games appealing to people that typically don’t enjoy sports video games. I’ll have a full of review of Mario Sports Mix on TTPM in the next few weeks and will let you know how this game stacks up to the previous entries.

In the meantime, Mario Sports Mix for Nintendo Wii, is rated Everyone and available now for $49.99.

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