Game News: Xia-Xia Coming to Nintendo DS

Those cute hermit crab toys that crawled out of Christmas stockings everywhere this past holiday season are crab-walking their way onto the DS next month. GameMill Entertainment and Black Lantern Studios will launch this first Xia-Xia game in March as a Nintendo DS exclusive.

Here is some game info from the official press release:

“From sandy beaches to deep blue seas, explore it all with fun and silly hermit crab characters in Xia-Xia the game. Set out on dozens of missions to find shells with your favorite Xia-Xia friends, Bimini, Turks, Trinidad and Tobago. Along the way meet kooky friends and unlock loads of secret rewards in five unique worlds across 25 levels!”

This sounds look it could be a great game to tied us over until beach-weather season returns. Check back in with us next month for more info on the game and possible a full review.

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