Free Games For Your DSi

by Jeff McKinney

Did you get a Nintendo DSi yet? If you did, don’t forget to download the web browser because you can play free games on your DSi with the browser thanks to DSiCade.

DSiCade Versions of popular gamesDSiCade is a website designed for the Nintendo DSi that allows you to play games through the browser. Its new and so far the games are limited to Missile Command and Simon knockoffs but the more we visit this site, the more likely they are to add more games. In addition to the games, there is also the Shout Box! feature that gives you the ability to chat with other people on the site.

The games on DSiCade are free and there is no registration required. Be warned, however, make sure you have plenty of time before you start playing War Games (Missile Command) because it is highly addictive.

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