Fall Party Themes

The leaves are turning and we’re officially in full swing of fall with picking apples and pumpkins. For some of us, it’s also time for birthdays and celebrations! I personally am a fall baby and love hosting parties based on the season, so I’ve pulled together some fall party ideas and all of them use the beautiful colors of the season.

Fall Party 1

Lil Pumpkin or Mommy’s Lil Pumpkin – This is a great theme for a 1st birthday or baby shower. A birthday boy or girl next to a big pumpkin or mom-to-be holding a pumpkin next to the baby bump are great examples of priceless photo ops. Decorations can be different-sized pumpkins, and there are so many tasty pumpkin recipes that the sweets will be a highlight. A perfect favor would be a book based on pumpkins or little pumpkins.

Apple of Our Eye – Every parent feels his or her child is the apple of their eye, so why not make it the theme for their party? For food you can have mini apple pies, applesauce, muffins, chicken salad with apples, and cold apple juice or cider. Don’t forget the apple bar with deliciously fun toppings and treats.

Fall Party 2

Pumpkin Painting & Art Party – This is perfect for kids who love to get creative. Use all types of art supplies to decorate a pumpkin, including paint, construction paper, stickers, stencils, and recycled items. You’ll be amazed with the creativity and cleverness the kids will bring to the table. It’s perfect for a birthday, play date, or slumber party, plus the pumpkin makes a cute take-home favor.

Fall Party 3

Fall Carnival – Don’t let the crisp weather stop you from having some fun outside. There are tons of game options such as bobbing for apples, pumpkin bowling, pumpkin ring toss, and/or apple checkers. You can even plan a fall-themed scavenger hunt or make your own leaf maze. This is truly an event for all ages. Tasty treats could be hot apple cider, pumpkin bisque, hot dogs, popcorn, and Chex mix. With these games and food, you’ve got the perfect fall carnival.

DIY Tip: Look through your recycling bin a few weeks before a party. You can use things such as cans, jars, and cardboard to make fun festive decorations.

Some examples:

Tin Cans: Take a tin can and spray paint it orange or red to make it the color of a pumpkin or apple. Uses for them can be containers for silverware or straws. Another use is stacking them up for a carnival game or playing a memory game by hiding a ball under one of three cans and switching them around.

Cardboard: Cover it with wrapping paper or burlap to make a sign, backdrop, or to protect that nice table.

Fall is a beautiful time of year. I suggest you use the season’s beauty to your advantage. Also, remember it’s a party, so have some fun yourself!

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