Eating Can Be Fun Too

By Matt Nuccio

One observation I’ve made over years is that toy companies are adverse to making food play toys. The common consensus is that parents tend to avoid such purchases in fear of instigating a mess. But seriously, what better way to teach your child than with play?

I’m not talking about a toy that flings, smashes or squashes food. I’m talking about simple games that teach children table etiquette, cleanliness or simply occupies their time,  the way books with lights and sounds helps children learn to read.

A child can just as easily learn manners and etiquette with some dinner-time fun as they would learn to tighten up their room with a game.

As a toy designer I’m interested in finding a way to break the dinner/toy barrier. I’m certain that it’s all about the item. When you think about it, what is more iconic to good parenting than the image of a parent pretending the spoon is an airplane coming in for a landing

Eat With Me Elmo anyone?

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