E3 Expo Video Reports: The Games!

Following are a few more videos from my Flip Cam at E3. In this post, I take a look at some of the games being shown. Most of these games wont be available until the holidays and some, like Legend of Zelda, are scheduled to be released in 2011.

Up first is Dance Central from MTV Games. This video shows how the game is played using the Xbox Kinect, which is a motion capture system that uses your body as a controller.

Below is another game, a new Sonic title, that gives you a better glimpse of the Kinect. It is the small, thin, black device with the light on the large black box under the TV.

Check out the light-cycle action is the following clip from Tron, the video game for the upcoming movie.

And finally, the new Legend of Zelda game due out next year. The game uses the Motion Plus system for some amazing sword action.

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