DIY Duck Tape Wallet Party Favor & Décor

Flame Wallet FinalLooking for a fun way to add excitement and imagination to a birthday party? A little creativity and a few rolls of Duck Tape can deliver a do-it-yourself party idea that’s sure to make memories that stick!

Available in a wide variety of colors and designs, Duck Tape is perfect for adding pop to party accessories, décor, and favor bags, and can even save the day when you’re in a pinch with quick fixes and temporary repairs.

Plus, it can supply endless party fun! Duck Tape has become a popular crafting medium for kids of all ages. Put out a couple rolls, provide a few instructions, and get taping! Kids will have entertainment at their fingertips—and a party favor to take home that they’ve made themselves. The added bonus for parents is that it’s inexpensive (most colors and designs range from $4–$6 per roll). It’s available in colors and designs to match any theme.

Here’s a simple craft idea to get you started. There are plenty of ideas listed in the Ducktivities section of the Duck Brand website.

How to Make a Duck Tape Wallet


  • Duck Tape (at least one roll per every two attendees)
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Flat surface

Flame Wallet Step 1


Step One: Make a piece of double-sided fabric* that is 8-inches wide and four strips long. (*Note: The “fabric” will also be made out of Duck Tape. To create “fabric,” make a piece of double-sided Duck Tape fabric that is 8-inches wide and four strips long. Then create the look of fabric by layering strips of Duck Tape on top of each other. See how to make Duck Tape fabric here.)

Flame Wallet Step 2

Step Two: Fold the fabric from step one in half lengthwise. Secure one end of the wallet with a 3.5-inch long strip of Duck Tape.

Flame Wallet Step 3

Step Three: Fold the wallet in half again and tape the other side with a 3.5-inch long strip of Duck Tape to make a flat wallet.

Flame Wallet Step 4

Step Four: For cardholder slots inside the wallet, take a 7-inch long piece of Duck Tape and fold it over itself so there is a double-sided strip.

Flame Wallet Step 5

Step Five: Take three small strips of Duck Tape and secure the sides and bottom of the piece from step four to the inside of the wallet. Repeat for the desired amount.

Flame Wallet Step 6

Step Six: Decorate the inside and/or outside of the wallet.

But, don’t stop there. Kids can also make wristbands, flowers, rings, and more. Check out or for additional crafting inspiration and instructions.

PS: Duck Tape is also available in Sheets and Ducklings mini-roll formats. These are great for crafting, trimming projects, and treat bags.

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