Discovery Kids Lets You Say “Yes” to a Child’s Pet Pony Request

The Discovery Channel is making it easier for you to say yes when your kids ask for a new pet, even if that pet is a dolphin. Discovery and 505 Games have teamed up to create four pet simulation games under the Discovery Kids brand. The games — Dolphin Discovery, Pony Paradise, Puppy Playtime, and Kitten Corner — are available exclusively for the Nintendo DS and rated “E” for everyone.

In each game, kids will have to raise, train, and care for their new pet while engaging in activities and games that are specific to each animal. Dolphin Discovery will have kids training their dolphin for a water show in front of an audience. In Pony Paradise, kids choose from four breeds and can collect up to 60 items to customize their pony experience. Puppy Playtime is more than just feeding and grooming as kids will train their dog to become a rescue dog and tackle more than 30 missions. Finally, Kitten Corner contains customizable cat options, such as selecting coloring and markings, and 20 mini games for kids and their cats to enjoy.

All four Discovery Kids pet games are in stores now for $29.99 (sold separately).

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