Cupcake-Themed Birthday Party Ideas

A perfect party theme idea is cupcake decorating. At Bird’s Party, we’ve put together a few simple tips for your child’s party. These ideas are perfect for boys and girls of all age groups.

Cupcake Theme

1. Cupcake decorating is the perfect playtime theme. It’s an activity that will keep kids happy and engaged. We make party planning for parents easy with a kit that covers it all for this cupcake-decorating theme. Just decorate and enjoy.

2. Prior to the party, assess the age of the children. For the youngest kids, purchase ready-make cupcakes for them to simply decorate. All you will need to do is set out frosting, sprinkles, icing, and tools and let the kids get to work. Make sure to lay down Kraft Paper first to save time and energy on the clean-up later. If the kids are older, perhaps they can do the baking as well as the decorating. Be sure to assess the age groups properly and also consider the number of guests before deciding on which activity is best for your party.

3. In keeping with the baking theme, make sure to provide aprons and/or chef’s hats for the bakers. This makes for a perfect take-home gift. The items can usually be purchased at party supply stores for a great price. Additionally, guests can receive their very own personalized recipe book to continue the adventure at home. The book is assembled using pages and cover sheet printables found in the kit mentioned above at Bird’s Party Cupcake Baking Kit.

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