Crayola Recycles Markers

As kids around the country prepare to go back to school, Crayola is launching a nationwide in-school recycling program called Colorcycle. The program encourages students to responsibly dispose of any type of used marker through an in-school collection process paid for by Crayola. Once the used markers are collected, Crayola pays for the shipping costs and recycles the markers into usable fuel.

As part of the program, Crayola developed classroom lesson plans designed to help teachers educate their students on the important role sustainability plays in the world.

Crayola’s Colorcycle works in four easy steps:

1. Schools K–12 nationwide can visit to register for the Crayola Colorcycle marker program.

2. Once registered, participating schools will have immediate access to the classroom lesson plans. Participants can set up an in-school collection station for used markers.

3. Once the box is full, the in-school program coordinator prints out Crayola-funded pre-paid FedEx shipping labels for delivery of the used, collected markers.

4. FedEx Ground will pick up the Crayola-funded package and the recycle process can begin converting the markers into useable fuel. Participants just helped save the planet!

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