Buy Now or Buy Later?

It’s always a big dilemma. Do I do my shopping now or do you wait until after Thanksgiving when the bigger sales start? Well, if you haven’t shopped for toys that much, you’ll learn this is entirely different than shopping for other presents.

When people shop for a jacket, or a sweater they’ve found, they often watch the price to see if it’s going to fall as the days count down until December 25. Toys, on the other hand, are entirely different. Here’s the fact: If you wait until Dec 10 to do your shopping, there’s a good chance the top 25-30 best selling toys will be sold out. This year, because of all the extra safety measures put in place, the replenishment system will be slower, and once an item is sold out, it will take longer to be back on the shelves.

Will there be bargains in December on toys? Yes. Will it be on the hotter toys? Probably not, as they’ll be sold out by then. Once you know the toys your kids have to have, or you definitely want to buy, don’t hesitate or wait. The best answer is shop now for what you need, and shop later for bargains.

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