Budget-Conscious Party Themes for Kids

Here are a few ideas to achieve the nearly impossible—a great birthday party for your child without breaking the bank.

Who Lives in a Pineapple Under the Sea?

SpongeBob SquarePantsLooking for an idea beyond the superhero theme? Enlist everyone’s old friend SpongeBob SquarePants as the theme for your son’s next birthday party.

At Fun.com we offer a variety of SpongeBob Party Ideas for groups of all sizes. For a particularly large crowd, it’s best to opt for the cost-effective route. Try the SpongeBob Glider Plane Kits. It’s economical enough that each child can build their own plane and compete in a “SpongeBob Showdown” during the party. See whose plane can fly the farthest. Make sure to award a prize for added excitement. Of course, there are always piñatas, spinning tops, balls, and a variety of other games to play at the party or to use as favors.

Princess Party on a Budget

Ok, so the words “princess” and “budget” are not supposed to mix, but for those of us living in the real world, they do. Fun.com has cost-effective activities to host a princess party. If you are hosting a large group of girls, it’s just not feasible to purchase a dress and accessories for each child to play dress up. However, here is an activity that will keep the ladies entertained for hours: the Disney VIP Decorating and Sewing Activity.

Each package has four sheets meaning you can keep four girls busy for about $1. Break out the markers, glue, glitter, and whatever else is in the craft box that’s already in your house and you now have the perfect activity. After the girls have applied stickers and the sheets have dried, the kids can come back to sew it later. That makes two activities in one. And, the best part is, each girl can take it home as a favor.

We invite you to visit Fun.com for more party ideas that will fit every budget—whether you have a royal budget or you’re just pretending that you do!

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