Book Of The Week: The Eensy Weensy Spider Freaks Out!

Book Of The Week is a feature section on Each week, Audrey DeSimone reviews a children’s book and rates it on her “Read-It-Again” scale of how likely you and your kids are to want to read the book again.

This week’s book isThe Eensy Weensy Spider Freaks Out! written and illustrated by Troy Cummings

From our reviewers:
“Isabel is a porcupine about to graduate from preschool and is quite upset that all her animal classmates will get balloons except for the porcupines, who will get bookmarks. When teacher Ms. Quill, also a porcupine as the name hints, explains that “balloons plus porcupines equal trouble,” Isabel won’t take no for an answer. So she begins her quest to find a solution that would allow her to have a balloon. Possible solutions are strapping pillows on her head and wrapping a fellow porcupine in bubble wrap. Needless to say, these don’t work.”

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