Book of The Week: Cesar Takes a Break

Book Of The Week is a feature section on Each week, Audrey DeSimone reviews a children’s book and rates it on her “Read-It-Again” scale of how likely you and your kids are to want to read the book again.

This week’s book is Cesar Takes a Break by Susan Collins Thoms and illustrated by Rogé

“This book is the “diary” of Cesar, the pet iguana of Ms. Lee’s second grade class. He is a very happy iguana with “25 best friends” that feed and play with him. One Friday, Cesar is disappointed to learn that school is closed the following week for spring break and he will be all alone with only the custodian to care for him. The first few days are very sad and lonely, but soon he bravely ventures out of his cage and classroom, and meets other class pets. Little did Cesar know that his fellow class pets swim in the cafeteria sink, do arts and crafts, play hockey and basketball, and even put on plays! Cesar has so much fun with his new friends that he contemplates staying away from the class permanently. But after returning to his classroom and “soaking up the sights and smells of home,” he decides that Ms. Lee’s class is really where he belongs.”

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