Book Of The Week: 1 Zany Zoo

Book Of The Week is a feature section on Each week, Audrey DeSimone reviews a children’s book and rates it on her “Read-It-Again” scale of how likely you and your kids are to want to read the book again.

This week’s book is 1 Zany Zoo by Lori Degman; Illustrated by Colin Jack.

“New children’s book author, Lori Degman, gives us a fun, rhyming tale of what happens in a zoo after hours. This book tells the story of a boy who sneaks inside while waiting on the entrance line, and we see through his eyes how our favorite zoo animals frolic when no one is watching. Using a counting build from one to 10, the story starts with one “fearless fox” who grabs the zookeeper’s keys, then moves to two “sporty zebras” wearing goggles who give the walrus a whisker trim, and so on up to 10 “rowdy bears” that lead the ultimate zoo parade.”

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