Blockbuster Toys from the Big and Small Screen

Blockbuster movie season is fast approaching, and this year promises some big ones. G.I. JOE: Retaliation opens on Friday, March 29. From there the lineup of blockbusters gets even bigger with Iron Man 3 (May 3), Star Trek: Into Darkness (May 17), Epic (May 24), Man of Steel (June 14), Monsters University (June 21), Despicable Me 2 (July 3), The Lone Ranger (July 3), and Smurfs 2 (July 31) offering a treat for audiences. Time to Play will be reviewing the toys from each of these films too!

But let’s not forget there are lots of entertainment options on the small screen. Don’t count out a family viewing party at home to check out some of this year’s hot new TV series (and their toy lines).

Mattel is introducing Max Steel on Disney XD in March. Already a huge hit in Latin America, this animated superhero series features a teenage boy named Maxwell McGrath and his out-of-this-world alien companion, Steel. Both have super strengths and powers, Max with turbo energy and Steel with alien intellect. When they combine forces to create Max Steel, the ultimate superhero is unleashed. It sounds like a fun time! Mattel’s toy line will be available in late summer.

Mike the Knight, designed for preschoolers, currently airs on Nick, Jr. Mike is an energetic young knight-in-training, driven by his passion to help others and, along the way, be the best knight he can be. His father, the King, is away exploring faraway lands so Queen Martha has put Mike in charge of helping her protect the Kingdom of Glendragon. Through comedy and adventure, Mike learns the power of responsibility. His rallying cry is, “Be a Knight, Do It Right.” Look for toys from Fisher-Price later this year.

Sofia the First, airing on Disney Jr., tells the story of Sofia whose mother marries the King of Enchancia. Sofia must learn how to act like a proper princess in time for her debut ball while overcoming her new step-sister’s jealousy as well as the evil schemes set forth by the Royal Sorcerer. Ultimately, Sofia learns that possessing the characteristics of a true princess—honesty, loyalty, compassion, and grace—is what makes one truly royal.

Look for appearances from the classic Disney Princesses in select episodes of this preschool series. Earlier this year, Disney Stores introduced a line of products for the series, and additional Sofia products will be available in other stories later this year.

Also airing on Disney Jr. is The Hive. Already a hit in the UK for preschoolers, the series launched last fall. The series follows Buzzbee and his friends as they encounter adventures around their hive. A sneak peek of products is expected in the fall.

Switching gears to the tween girl audience, Teen Beach Musical will air as a Disney Channel Original Movie. A release date has yet to be announced. Fashion dolls from toymaker Just Play are expected this year.

Of course, let’s not forget favorite shows such as Winx Club, Jake and the Neverland Pirates, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Doc McStuffins, The Regular Show, Adventure Time, and countless others that continue to keep kids watching and playing. You can find our toy reviews from those TV series by clicking the links.

So what summer blockbuster movie is your family looking forward to this year? And what’s your family’s current favorite TV series?

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