Bib Time

By Matt Nuccio

Recently our 18 month old son decided that he doesn’t want to wear a bib anymore. Once he’s in his booster seat and he sees that sucka coming he scrunches his neck and squeals a continuous giggling of ‘no’s. If my wife and I are even lucky enough to get one on him, it’s off in the nano second we’ve turned our heads. That wouldn’t be so bad if he didn’t just love to rub his food all over his shirt. You give this kid a bowl of spaghetti and fogetaboutit he’s covered head to toe. He’ll even go so far as to pull his shirt forward and drop a few noodles down the cloar. He thinks it’s ten fold funnier than peek -a-boo.  After trying in vain, several times over, my wife figured out a solution… a sort of preemptive strike. Just about 10 minutes or so before meal time she takes our son to his room and changes his shirt.  On top of the new shirt she sneaks in the bib. It seems obvious but he just doesn’t catch it or care for that matter. She then lets him go about his business. Surprisingly he’ll leave it on. By the time she plops him down in his booster, it seems that he doesn’t even notice. I know what you’re thinking, that’s a temporary solution,  but hey with an 18 month old, life is a string of temporary solutions.

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