Join the Rock Band Live Tour on Stage this Summer

This summer, Rock Band video game stars across North America will have a chance to take their digital band skills to the real world stage with the “Rock Band, Live” tour. This is a real traveling summer concert series sponsored by MTV Games that will visit Cedar Fair amusement parks in the US and Canada, including the company’s flagship park, Cedar Point in Sandusky.

At each amusement park gig, the top Rock Band game players will join the tour’s singers on stage and play Rock Band instruments along with the singers. To get on stage, players will first compete against other Rock Band Live hopefuls as they play the guitar, bass and drum game accessories. The rockers with the top score will be invited on stage during the live show that will feature songs from the Rock Band video games.

The “Rock Band Live” tour will kick off Memorial Day weekend at Dorney Park in Allentown, PA and will travel to the Company’s other parks throughout the summer. We will let you know as soon as we receive more info and specifics about auditioning for each show.

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