Battle of the tops!

By Jim Silver

I was always a game player from the time I was a young child. The first game I remember playing was the card game Mille Bornes. While I played and owned a zillion games, I had some favorites. The original Skittle Bowl was awesome; as it had wooden pins that made a great crashing sound when you hit them (it’s just not the same with plastic pins!). NBA Basket was another one of my favorites. I still have my original game from the 60’s as I couldn’t part with it. But the game I was a little crazy about was Battling Tops.

For those who don’t remember, Battling Tops was a game spinning tops in a small arena with last one standing winning. I firmly believed that the tops had different speeds and abilities, and I had a “pet top” that I usually won with, and even had a special nickname for it. Earlier in this decade, a new top game was introduced called BeyBlade. BeyBlade was the modern day top battling game, except you could customize and build your own tops. Needless to say, I think there are lots of top fanatics out there, and BeyBlade was a huge hit.

The next new great top game is now hitting the market. It’s called Battle Strikers, and it takes battling of tops to new level. Not only do you customize your own top, but you have a motorized launcher. But the best part is that you wear a magnetic control that helps control your top in battle. Now you become part of the battling tops. Bring it on!

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