Batman, The Brave and The Bold Video Game

The Batman movies might generate the most talk among adults but ask any kid, especially boys, to tell you about their favorite Batman and chances are good that they will describe an episode of Batman, The Brave and The Bold. The Brave and the Bold is the animated series on Cartoon Network in which Batman joins forces with other heroes to fight villains. This Fall, fans of the series will be treated to a Brave and the Bold video game for the DS and Wii that will recreate the fun, humor and excitement of the popular animated show.

Gamers can play as Batman and have a friend or family member join them as one of Batman’s allies including Robin, Green Lantern, Blue Beetle and even Aquaman. The game will also feature a cool surprise for gamers who own both the DS and Wii versions. These two versions can be linked together to unlock a playable character that can be controlled in the Wii game with the DS.

Look for Batman, The Brave and the Bold video game in stores this fall from Warner Bros., Interactive Entertainment.

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