Barbie Turns 50

Amazing as it may seem, Barbie just celebrated her 50th birthday. And while adults and celebrities feted the fashion icon at a real Malibu Beach House, Mattel rolled out several celebratory dolls – and kicked off a year of festivities. Check out TTPM’s Barbie Page.

According to Mattel, more than one billion Barbie dolls have been sold over the past five decades. Yet, the magic of Barbie is that for all those dolls sold, each one has been unique. Every little girl brings Barbie to life in her own individual way. So while Barbie may link the generations, no two girls relate to her in quite the same way. She becomes intimately entwined in girls’ hopes, dreams and images of themselves. She is the doll that’s launched a million happy memories—and she’ll likely do the same for the next 50 years.

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