Back to School – already

By Jim Silver

School is almost over! My daughter is graduating in two weeks, but has a few finals this week. (Why do they give senior finals at the end of the year; does it really make a difference?) My other daughters have finals and then summer begins! One girl in camp for three weeks, a little vacation, and a little fun.

With summer now almost here, what did I do with my oldest daughter a few days ago? I was in an Apple Store buying her a laptop for college. The store was packed with teenagers and parents, and had me thinking they were giving away laptops(actually, I Touch for students with purchase of laptops). She then took a trip with her mom to look for bedding and sheets for her dormitory room. Then it came to me: Although school is now ending, school begins for many in eight weeks, and Back to School shopping has begun.

Just when I thought we all get a break!

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