Apps: Tonka Chuck & Friends

Remember back in April when I reported on a new deal between Hasbro and Ruckus Media to develop Hasbro brand apps? Well, the first of those apps is out today!

“Chuck and Friends: Friends for the Long Haul,” is an interactive reading adventure with more than 70 screens of narrative, story-driven activities and video. The activities, which include letter recognition, picture/word association and basic problem solving,  lead kids through the story with a customizable ending.

Here is some info from the official press release:

“With ‘Friends for the Long Haul’ we wanted to capture the excitement and wonder a child has when playing and imagining with the Hasbro toys. In order to do this, we developed a product that seamlessly integrates video, puzzles and reading modules to create a continuous experience that engages children and spurs imagination,” said Jason Root, Ruckus Media Groups’ Chief Content Officer. “Chuck and Friends’ new story is fully integrated with video and narrative-driven activities to create a unique experience that we believe will entertain and educate young readers.”

“Chuck and Friends: Friends for the Long Haul” is available for Apple’s iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. You can purchase the app for $3.99 through iTunes. There is also a free “lite” version with 27 pages.


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