Apple Has Sold Oodles of iStuff

You may have heard that Apple is suing Samsung for an “intellectual property complaint”. I’m not entirely sure what that means because I’m a game reviewer and not a law reporter but I’m guessing it means that Apple is accusing Samsung of ripping off their ideas.

So what does all this legal mumbo-jumbo have to do with video games? I’ll tell you. As part of their complaint, Apple released some impressive sales figures for their mobile devices and as of March 2011, the company has sold more than 19 million iPads, 108 million iPhones and 60 million iPod touches. Keep in mind that all of these devices can be used to play games, which means that these sales numbers are quickly putting Apple in a position to overtake both Nintendo and Sony in the handheld gaming market. That’s impressive and probably a bit scary for Nintendo and Sony.

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