ABC Kids Expo 2015 Top 10 Must-Have Baby Products

TTPM is in Vegas, baby, for the big baby product show ABC Kids Expo. The annual showcase houses every possible baby product on the market from pregnancy through the toddler years, and allows companies to showcase small updates to already existing items as well as new goods coming out later this year and into 2016.

Day one is in the books with the color Heather Grey trending on strollers, diaper bags, and stroller accessories. Tech also continues to be a huge focus. We spotted strollers with headlights, changing pads that measure feedings, and even voice-activated baby toys. Here is our round-up of top 10 favorite products from day one of the show.

1. 7A.M. Enfant Heather Grey 

7A.M. Enfant has a new line of cold weather accessories for strollers in its new color Heather Grey. The line will launch in early December and includes stroller covers, hand muffs, travel bags, and a super cozy car seat cocoon.

2. Skip Hop’s Explore More Amazing Arch Baby Gym

Skip Hop’s new Explore More Amazing Arch Baby Gym allows parents to sneak a smartphone behind the play mirror on the arch so video chats and snapshots of baby are easier to attain. The play gym also features a voice-activated dancing fox toy, rattles, clackers, and other cheery toys to keep baby engaged.

3. Skip Hop’s Uplift Baby Bouncer


The Uplift Baby Bouncer, also from Skip Hop, is a sleek new baby bouncer attached to a base that raises and lowers the bouncer. This allows baby to join the family at the dinner table or couch for added engagement. The soft bouncer features a clean design that keeps parents in mind.

4. Petunia Pickle Bottom Nursery Collection


Petunia Pickle Bottom is known for its soft patterns on diaper bags, but this season it’s launching a modern nursery collection. With lines for the crib, mobiles, lamps, and shelves, the collection boasts geometric patterns and two-toned color combinations that are right on-trend.


A stroller that fits in your handbag? No way! Yes, way! The new POCKIT stroller from GB has the world’s tiniest fold and even holds a place in the Guinness Book of World Records. The stroller features a sunshade, full recline seat, and quick and easy compact fold.

6. Lascal’s M1 Buggy

Have you ever seen a stroller with headlights? Check out the M1 Buggy from Lascal. This lightweight stroller, launching in spring 2016, has headlights by the front wheels for a lit pathway wherever you stroll. It also features a canopy that extends all the way to the front wheels to give baby full coverage.

7. Stokke Home Nursery Collection

Stokke Home launches the Nursery collection. This is the very first modular nursery collection and the perfect solution for small spaces. Like all of Stokke products, it grows with baby. The crib transforms into a toddler bed and the changing table transforms into a desk.

8. Dock a Tot

Dock a Tot is a versatile baby docking system that allows parents to “dock” their baby on a bed from birth through age 3. The dock can also be used with preemies. Dock a Tot can be placed in the bed with parents and offers a soft, raised perimeter so baby can’t roll out and parents don’t roll in. This is a soft comfortable one-piece bed for babies that is great for travel or everyday use. Dock a Tot comes in various colors and prints to suit your style.

9. Hatch Baby Smart Changing Pad

The Hatch Baby Smart Changing Pad reinvents the nursery with this high-tech changing pad. This smart changing pad lets parents track baby’s feedings, temperature, growth, and sleep from their smartphones. Diaper changes are also automatically logged onto the smart changing pad and linked to your device. Now if only it could tackle the laundry!

10. Orbit Baby O2

We’re working on our fitness with the new O2 jogging stroller from Orbit Baby. We saw a prototype at the show last year and were excited to see the full product this season. The O2 is a hybrid stroller that works as an everyday stroller in City Mode or a jogging stroller by dropping the seat base lower in the Performance Mode. The bonus: if you already own an Orbit stroller, the seats are interchangeable with this hybrid stroller.



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