A Sophisticated Video Game Event?

It’s always been a dream of mine to attend a swanky event held at a museum. I imagined rubbing elbows with celebrities, socialites, world leaders and astronauts as we dined on exotic hors d’oeuvres surrounded by priceless works of art and antiquities. It was with these delusions in mind that I made my way to the American Museum of Natural History in New York City last week for the LEGO Batman Video Game launch event.

I realized as soon as I saw the girl on the sidewalk trying to coax a passersby into the event that I wouldn’t be rubbing any bold name elbows. Rather than the sophisticated evening of my dreams, the LEGO Batman launch event turned out to be a circus. Literally. The Arthur Ross terrace of the museum was lined with tents, bean and hoop-toss games, cotton candy and sticky kids. Oh well. I guess that’s what we should expect when we deal with toys and games rather than high end fashion.

The centerpiece of the event was the arcade with plenty of opportunities to play LEGO Batman on all available platforms. The game is a light-hearted and whimsical, adventure starring Batman and Robin along with some of their most popular nemeses.

Unlike the LEGO Star Wars games, LEGO Batman is an original story and as such, isn’t going to appeal to as large an audience. This is a great game for young gamers and parents can rest assured that the dark themes of the recent movies won’t play into LEGO Batman: The Video Game.

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