9 Fun Board Games For 2 Players

Whether it’s a sibling match-up or father-daughter game time, board games can help keep you having fun on a rainy afternoon or even a weekend at home when you don’t feel like going out.  These board games that work with just two players will help you bond and offer a ton of fun.



Battleship.  You sank my battleship!  This classic stuck around for a reason;  it lets two players go head to head while teaching strategy and reasoning.  The electronic version updates the game for the modern age – and there’s even a Star Wars version.


Memory Yoga.  Memory games are classics, but this one adds a new twist – literally.  Players have to hold the yoga poses on the cards when they make a match, adding a potentially hilarious physical component.  Can you do a downward dog, Dad?


Star Wars Risk.  A timeless strategy game taken to a whole new level, this game for older kids puts the fate of the Universe in your hands.  The Empire and the Rebels clash in a world modeled after the Star Wars movies.


Quiddler.  Aside from the fun name, this take on Scrabble is a great tool for improving vocabulary, and can be fun with as few as two.  It comes in several versions, including the Junior version that is easier for younger kids.  Don’t forget the dictionary for challenges!


Monopoly.  If you have a lot of time on your hands, the venerable game is perfect for two players.  The best part is that there are an incredible number of versions featuring movies, TV shows, and more so you can play in your favorite – or your kid’s favorite – world.


Connect 4.  Simple enough for little kids, Connect 4 is a fast-playing game that doesn’t require a lot of patience.  And it comes in fun new themed versions that keep it fresh, including the above Twist & Turn version.


Uno.  This card game has been revamped with new options like the fast-paced Attack version that includes a card launcher.  Relatively simple rules make it great for school-aged kids, but grown ups will have a blast, too.

The Game of Life.  Like so many other classics, this one has multiple versions including a junior one for younger kids.  Move out, go to school, get a job, and make your way to retirement with a game that manages to make budgeting fun.

Guess Who?  Like a 20-questions game with pictures, Guess Who? is a lot of fun for two players.  It comes in several themed versions, such as Disney, and there’s an electronic option as well.

Game night doesn’t have to mean a crowd around the table.  With these games ranging from classics to new choices, two can have a great time, and thanks to all the versions out there, you can choose your favorite way to play.

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