7 Catnip Toys for Your Feline Friend

Cat lovers know that nothing gets a kitty going like a little catnip. Toys designed to provide entertainment and exercise that use catnip are not just fun for kitty – they’re fun for cat lovers to watch and who often even get in on the games.  Here are 7 catnip toy options that are sure to bring on the purr.


SmartyCats MadCap Mouse.  This refillable mouse toy lets you add extra catnip whenever you want; it even comes with organic catnip to get your furry friend playing instantly.  Thanks to the Velcro pouch, it’s easy to refill to keep your kitty in a happy frenzy of mouse-chasing fun.


Flitter Fly.  There’s nothing like butterflies flitting around to keep a cat on his or her toes. The Flitter Fly combines action along with an infusion of catnip to up the ante. This bowl with an internal fan sends catnip infused butterflies circling while your cat tries to capture them.


SuperCat Plush.  Available in a variety of styles, the SuperCat Plush toys use catnip spray instead of loose catnip to attract feline attention.  That can help reduce the mess loose catnip sometimes causes, without giving up any of the fun. Choose from plush gators, birds, and more.


Catnip Cat Dancer.  A simple but highly entertaining concept, the coiled steel spring of the Cat Dancer has two ends, one of which is a catnip oil infused mouse.  This toy can be played with solo, or you can hold one end while you play along with your cat.


Just For Cats Gone Fishin’.  A classic cat toy, this long wand provides a lot of bounce and has a catnip-filled toy at the end to attract your cat’s attention. You can stick it to the wall with the included suction cup, or you can amuse both yourself and your cat by playfully bouncing the toy in front your feline’s face.


Kathy Ireland Loved Ones Mouse Launcher. It’s filled with catnip and it can be launched across the room like a real mouse running for cover—when it comes to cat toys, that’s a winning combination. This catnip-filled mouse will keep your cat interested even when not launched, but you’ll quickly see how much fun it is to watch your cat go on the chase.


The Simpsons Blinky Dangler.  Fans of The Simpsons will have a good laugh at the memory of this fish from a classic episode—Blinky, the three-eyed fish. Back from the early days of the hit show, Blinky is filled with catnip and dangled before your cat to create interactive fun Simpsons style.

Catnip toys are a staple for many people with cats.  The 7 above are only a few of the fabulous options you can find here in our cat toy reviews.  Click through to see live and unbiased video reviews as well as where you can find them at the best prices.

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