6 Photography Tips for Kids Birthday Parties

Hallmark BirthdayA birthday celebration goes by so quickly. However, great photos allow us to relive memories for years to come. To capture memories that will keep you smiling and laughing 20 years from now, follow these quick photo tips.

1. Photos Can Be the Best Decorations
Pull out photos taken from previous birthday parties or moments captured throughout the year and use them as part of your party decorations. It’s a great way to honor your child and add a personal element to the festivities. Keep the photos in an expanding book that you can add to each year. It will be something everyone can enjoy looking back on, including your child—perhaps one day with their own children!

2. Capture the Calm before the Party Storm
When setting up a birthday party, have fun and play around with all of the elements that make up the party.

There is no right or wrong way to decorate, so be creative. Look in magazines or online for inspiration. Once you’re all set, document the details of the decorations that you created. For example, a close-up of the cake you baked (or bought—nobody’s judging!), the wrapped packages, as well as the party games and favors.

3. Invest in a Camera Strap
This one is simple—and perhaps a bit old fashioned—but a camera strap allows you to keep your camera on you and powered on. No one wants to waste time searching for the camera. You risk missing the best candid silly shots. Be prepared to capture all the in-the-moment fun.

Hallmark BirthdayDURING THE PARTY
4. Move Around
Position yourself in various locations throughout the room. A simple change in location could provide better lighting, a background that makes your subject pop, or an angle that allows you to see a facial expression better.

5. Look for the Little Moments
Pay attention to the details of what is happening in the room—and don’t focus on capturing perfection. Capture the icing that fell on your child’s foot that the dog is licking up. Snap a photo of the child who’s trying to scoop up a big piece of cake with a little fork. Snap a photo of kids laughing together or the reaction of the child who gave the gift to the birthday celebrant.

6. Be Discreet or Provide a Distraction
Kids are very aware of the camera, whether they love it or shy away from it. To capture the true personality of a child, try to be discreet with your camera; catch them when they aren’t looking. Another option is to provide photo props, such as Hallmark Pics ‘n’ Props, that help kids forget about the camera.

Hallmark BirthdayPhoto booths are popular, so create your own. Set up a corner of the room with a backdrop, such as a decorated or colorful bedsheet, and provide a box of dress-up outfits and accessories that kids can use to pose for the camera. You can share the photos with party attendees after the party via a photo thank you note or an online album shared with the other parents.

The most important thing to remember is have fun with the photos. Don’t pressure yourself create the perfect party with the perfect pictures. Take lots of photos—you’ll be surprised which ones become family favorites.

For more ideas on how to celebrate a child’s birthday visit www.hallmark.com/birthday/ideas/.

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