5 Ways to Instill Girl Power in Your Daughter

Girl PowerMy Chicklet is 9 years old and a force to be reckoned with. I often tell people that I don’t know what I did to deserve such a wonderful daughter. She’s smart, funny, sassy, loving, independent, sensitive, caring, an awesome friend … I could go on and on. I know as her mother, I lead by example when it comes to her learning how to be the best girl she can be. People often talk about entertainers and superstars as role models, but I believe the best role model a girl can have is her own mom.

From the day she was born, I wanted her to know that she was special, and that she deserved to be respected. We often talk about “girl power” and the positivity that it can bring to her life.

During these last nine plus years, we’ve worked on her finding her power from within. It has been something that has bonded us both, and I know that it has made me a better person by being The Chicklet’s mother.

Here are five ways to instill girl power in your daughter:

1. Be Honest

Life for girls, especially during their adolescent years, can be rough. Be honest with your daughter and share stories from your childhood that may make her feel better. Have an open-door policy so that she feels that she can come to you with anything and not be afraid. She gets a lot of her superpowers from you.

2. Family Matters

Surround your daughter with family members and close friends who have girl power of their own. Our girls learn from others, so who better to learn from than people she already knows?

3. Promote Her Strengths

Our girls can really get stuck on the things they are not good at. But what about the things they are? Promote the areas in which she is strong and help her in the weaker areas. For instance, my daughter is a wonderful artist, so I am always finding unique ways to showcase her art. I share it in our family newsletter, on our holiday cards, and even online. She loves reading the responses regarding her wonderful artwork. This is a power she knows she can tap into at any time.

4. Get Dad Involved

Instilling girl power isn’t just for moms. Dads play an important role in this, too. Make sure dad is active in her activities and schooling, and promote daddy/daughter time when time allows.

5. Cheer for Her Individuality

Girls oftentimes want to be a part of a clique and be like the other girls in their class and community, but I believe promoting their individuality is healthy and will allow your daughter to love the skin she is in. If she likes to wear hats, or neon socks, or something that would be conceived as different, let her. We should want our girls to be proud of who they are. Promoting her individuality is something that can make your girl even more powerful.

Girl power is an important ingredient in your girl’s life. Activate it with these five tips and then watch her be the best girl she can be.

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