5 Fun Things to Do Before School Starts

FamilyAs we race toward the end of summer, school bells are ringing across the country, and that means that summer break is coming to an end. Here in Georgia, our kids started back the first week of August, and we’re in an awkward limbo between summer fun and scholastic success.

Before the summer comes to a complete close, we’ve been attempting to drain the last ounces of fun out of each day. In an attempt to help you out, I’ve pulled together a list of five fun things to do before school starts back for you. Check it out below and let us know what you would add to the list.

Visit Local Attractions
Before school started back up here in Georgia, we took the kids to a local state park that has a ton of activities for kids. They had a ball, and the best part was that when the day was over, we only had a 15-minute drive ahead of us. Growing up in the Washington, D.C. area, I can attest to not taking advantage of local attractions, so the end of summer is a great time for you to become a tourist in your own city.

Visit a Theme/Amusement Park
We recently visited an amusement park for a day full of fun. There were lots of coupons floating around, so we took advantage and hit the park! Because it was getting close to the start of school, the park was not as packed as it normally would have been. There is nothing better than going to a theme/amusement park and not having to wait in long lines for each ride and attraction.

Take a Short Road Trip
Pile the kids into the car and take a day trip to explore part of your state that you’ve never explored. Thanks to technology, your next adventure is only a Google away. Pack a lunch in case you run across the perfect picnic spot, and load your iPod with tunes that the entire family will love (good luck with that).

Visit Relatives
If you have out-of-town relatives like us, the end of summer is a great time for the kids to see everyone for one last time before they get back into the grind of school. My wife recently took the kids to spend a week with her family, and the kids really enjoyed seeing everyone.

Go To The Pool
Now that school is back in session for us, the kids have not had an opportunity to head back to the pool. By the time they get home and get homework done, it’s close to dinner time, then bath time, then … you get the point. The one thing I wish we had done earlier in the summer was head to the pool more. But here in Georgia, we had a span where it rained 40 out of 55 days, so we did what we could.

Has school started for you yet? If not, what do you have planned before the kids start back up? If it is, what did you do before school started?

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