5 Creative Ideas for Family Holiday Cards

CardWe are almost in the full throes of the holiday season, and with that will come the hustle and bustle of the most wonderful time of the year. It is also a time when many of us create family holiday greetings that are shared among loved ones and friends on their mantles, desks, shelves, etc. Holiday cards are a tradition most of us share, but what if you don’t want to send the same humdrum holiday greeting this year? I’ve got a few ideas that just may make you excited about this time-honored tradition.

1. Be the Photographer
Family and friends love to see the little ones as they’ve grown over the year on your holiday card. But instead of shooting the traditional family photo for your card, shake things up a little. Recreate a scene from your favorite holiday-themed movie (i.e. A Christmas Story: “You’ll shoot your eye out!”) with the kids playing key roles. Or come up with a funny holiday moment and get your dog in on the fun. Use action shots instead of posed ones for a more personal touch. Sepia and black and white filters work wonderfully here as well.

2. Shoot a Video
Instead of sending a traditional card, why not shoot a holiday greeting via video? Gather the family, assign lines that are fun and personable, and wish everyone a happy holiday in your own family way.

3. Use an eCard
Cut down on the cost of postage and printing by sending an eCard greeting instead. You can personalize it with photos just as you could with a traditional card, and it can be saved so the recipient can look at it whenever they wish.

4. Holiday Website
I am starting to see a trend of families setting up their own websites. Set up a holiday website for your family with photos and information about what you will be doing during the holiday season. Add music and allow each family member to “design” their own page within the website. You can use templates readily available online. Create the site, then share the link with family and friends.

5. Family Newsletter
You can create a family newsletter, which can include “news” from all family members. Dress it up with a red or green ribbon, or mail the newsletters in festive envelopes.

Holiday cards don’t have to be boring. By using an idea from above, you are sure to make this year’s holiday season especially fabulous.

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