Cars Action Agents Spy Jet Getaway

Published on February 24, 2012

The Cars Action Agents Spy Jet Getaway playset lets kids play out the action-packed moment from Cars 2 when Mater and Finn McMissile escape the bad guys at the Tokyo airport. The playset comes with a Finn McMissile car and Siddeley the Spy Jet, along with six connecting baggage carts and two car launchers. Pop open the top of Siddeley so Finn can ride inside. Then open up the back ramp to let Finn drive out. Or use one of the car launchers to launch Finn up the ramp and into Siddeley. Kids can even launch Finn into the luggage cart (sold separately) just like in the movie. Siddeley also has two working, spring-powered missiles, one on each side, that can be launched with the press of a button. Siddeley also has weapons mounts for attaching other weapons, such as rocket launchers, which are sold separately.

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