Marvel Super Hero Squad Chutes and Ladders

from Hasbro

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Product Information

  • Marvel Super Hero Squad Chutes and Ladders from Hasbro
  • Part of the Super Hero Squad brand
  • We recommend this product for ages 3 and up

What It Is

The classic up and down game many parents loved as children is back with a superhero twist thanks to Marvel Super Hero Squad Chutes and Ladders from Hasbro's Milton Bradley division. To play, you'll need two to four players. Featuring your favorite superheroes, the game play is the same as the original, but you're playing with superhero pawns on a superhero-themed board. Players spin the spinner and take turns moving their superhero around the board to be the first player to the top. If you get lucky, ladders will zoom you forward, but watch out because chutes can slide you back. The game comes with eight Super Hero Squad character pawns: Spider-Man, Hulk, Iron Man, Silver Surfer, Wolverine, Captain America, Thor, and Phoenix. Four plastic stands are included, so you'll need to switch the characters out if your child wants to be a different character. Unfortunately, the pawns are made of a really thin cardboard, so they may not last too long if you switch them out over and over again.

Is It Fun?

We wish Hasbro would've sprung for the extra four plastic holders, but besides that, this is a great game that's especially fun for kids who love superheroes. For parents who loved Chutes and Ladders as a child, this game may make you a bit nostalgic while providing a cool way to introduce your little superhero to the game.

Who It’s For

Marvel Super Hero Squad Chutes and Ladders is for ages 3 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

The original Chutes and Ladders is also available and sold separately.

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