Easter Kid Card Presenters

from Hallmark

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Product Information

  • Easter Kid Card Presenters from Hallmark
  • We recommend this product for ages Birth and up

What It Is

The Easter Kid Card Presenters offer a fun way for kids to give or receive Easter cards. Just place the Easter-themed card inside the felt pouch. There are several different pouches to choose from, including a chick in an egg, an Easter bunny, and even Disney characters. Each is sold separately and comes with a brightly colored envelope for kids to open. After kids remove the card, they can keep the pouch to store other items, such as notes, stickers, or even Easter candy.

Is It Fun?

This is a fun Easter card for kids to give or receive. The felt pouches are really cute and colorful, and kids will like reusing the pouches to store other belongings year-round.

Who It’s For

Easter Kid Card Presenters are age-graded for birth and up, however, we think that kids 3 and up will get the most repeat use out of them.

What To Be Aware Of

These are available exclusively at Hallmark.


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