Sleep and Breathing Baby Monitor

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  • 4 AA & 2 AAA batteries required
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What It Is

The Sleep and Breathing Baby Monitor tracks your baby's sleep and breathing patterns to make sure your baby is breathing and breathing properly while he or she sleeps. An alarm will notify you if there is an abnormal breathing pattern. The Sleep and Breathing Baby Monitor consists of a portable sleep mat that can be used on any flat surface, making it great for travel and giving baby a consistent place to sleep. The sleep mat can be placed directly in a crib and comes with a lightweight cotton cover. The wireless system streams directly to your smartphone or the included parent unit. With your smartphone, you can also stream lullabies and audio books for your baby to enjoy directly to the sleep mat.

Why Is It Useful?

New, and veteran, parents know the importance of monitoring your baby while she sleeps. From audio to video monitors, the choices are endless. The Sleep and Breathing Baby Monitor is a helpful accessory for parents of newborns and will certainly help calm nerves and maybe even offer some calming sleep to parents.

Who It’s For

The Sleep and Breathing Baby Monitor is for infants up to 25 pounds.

What To Be Aware Of

This product is not a medical device. If your baby does have breathing problems, please seek advice from a doctor before using this product.

The cotton cover is not very soft, and we think you can probably substitute it with a similar lightweight baby-friendly fabric. We do not recommend placing a thick blanket on the sleepmat.

Four AA and two AAA batteries are required.

It takes about five minutes to set up the Sleep and Breathing Baby Monitor.