Mooshka Girls Dolls

from MGA Entertainment


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What It Is

Mooshka is a new line of soft dolls that, as the story goes, were once individual paper dolls. But through the power of friendship, they joined hands and became huggable girls who discover that all kinds of special and wonderful things happen when you connect with friends.

The Mooshka Girls dolls are six characters that each come with a string of paper dolls and a finger puppet dolly. Characters include Katia, Sonia, Ina, Dasha, Myra, and Nessa. All Mooshka Girls dolls join hands via Velcro tabs to express their friendship for one another. Each doll also comes packaged in a nice gift box and is sold separately.

Is It Fun?

These dolls have a really lovely look and are soft and huggable. Kids will like cuddling up with them and attaching the dolls' hands to make them "hold" hands.

Who It’s For

Mooshka Girls dolls are for ages 2 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

The Mooshka Girls dolls are machine washable.