Play-Doh Let’s Create: Shapes

from Silver Dolphin Books


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  • Play-Doh Town Ice Cream Truck
  • Play-Doh Town Road Worker
  • Play-Doh Crazy Cuts
  • Play-Doh Star Wars Millennium Falcon
  • Play-Doh Max the Cement Mixer
  • Play-Doh My Little Pony Rainbow Dash Style Salon
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  • Play-Doh Can-Heads Vehicles: Captain America, Spider-Man, & Venom
  • Play-Doh Disguise Lab Featuring Despicable Me Minions


  • Quality

  • Read-it-Again Score

  • Fun-and-Learning

  • Play-Doh Let’s Create: Shapes published by Silver Dolphin Books
  • Written by: Susan Amerikaner
  • Illustrated by: Kara Kenna
  • We recommend this book for kids ages 3 and up


Overall Editor's Rating

What It Is

Play-Doh Let's Create: Shapes is an activity book that introduces preschoolers to shapes through Play-Doh play. In the book, written by Susan Amerikaner, kids follow Brother and Sister Bear to the beach, the park, the city, and many other stops to identify circles, squares, triangles, and rectangles. Each page asks kids to find a specific shape in the colorful Play-Doh illustrations created by artist Kara Kenna. Then, kids can use the included tools to make their own shapes and Play-Doh creations. The 11-page book includes six one-ounce cans of Play-Doh, six plastic shape molds, a two-sided play mat, a plastic knife, and a plastic roller.

Is It Fun?

This activity book is an interactive way to introduce preschoolers to shapes and help them with color and shape recognition. Kids will have fun making different shapes and using their imaginations to make whatever they want out of Play-Doh.

Who It’s For

Play-Doh Let's Create: Shapes is for ages 3 and up. Early readers might need help from a parent or caregiver.

What To Be Aware Of

The word "everywhere," which is in all capital letters on the very last page of the book, is spelled wrong. This might not bother some parents, but as editors, it bothers us.

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