Stellina Unicorno Plush

from Tokidoki

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Product Information

  • Stellina Unicorno Plush from Tokidoki
  • We recommend this product for ages 0 and up

What It Is

Tokidoki, which translates as "sometimes" in Japanese, is a collection of character artwork by Italian artist Simone Legno that can be found on fashion and accessories for men and women. Some of the characters, including Stellina Unicorno, can also be found as toys. The Stellina Unicorno Plush is nine inches tall and constructed from soft fleece. It has wings that you can flap and a multi-colored mane.

Is It Fun?

Stellina is really cute and cuddly. For those familiar with the Tokidoki character line, they'll appreciate how similar this toy looks to the original Stellina character. This is a great collector's item for Tokidoki fans and fans of unicorns.

Who It’s For

Stellina Unicorno Plush is age-graded safe for all ages, but it will really appeal to older fans and collectors of the Tokidoki line.

What To Be Aware Of

Stellina Unicorno Plush, along with the other Tokidoki character toys, can be purchased at, Barnes & Noble, and other specialty stores.


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