Parum Pum Pum

from Battat


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What It Is

Parum Pum Pum is a toy drum that comes with seven musical instruments: a jingle bell ant, a caterpillar tambourine, a busy bee maraca and clacker, two shaka-shaka eggs, and silly centipede drumsticks. The drum has a big handle on the side and a strap, and all the instruments can be stored inside the drum.

Is It Fun?

The Parum Pum Pum drum set is really cute and great for children who are already turning everything (pots and pans, tables, etc.) into musical instruments. This set puts kid-sized instruments into toddlers' hands, helps with fine motor skills, and encourages kids to get creative and make their own music.

Who It’s For

Parum Pum Pum is for ages 18 months–3 years.

What To Be Aware Of

This item is available at Target stores,, and select specialty stores.

For trivia buffs, the name of the toy, obviously, comes from the lyrics for "The Little Drummer Boy."