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  • 3 cell batteries required
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What It Is

Mattel is adding new characters to its Fijit Friends line. The Fijit Friends Newbies are what Mattel imagines Fijits would be before they grow up—hence the Newbies name. The Newbies are cute, interactive toys that kids can collect. Squeeze the Newbies' sides and they will come to life as their ears move and they sing a signature song. The more kids nurture their Newbie (by petting and interacting with it), the more it will do (and the better its singing will get). Each has three nurturing buttons—one on the forehead and one on each of the paws—that kids can press in any combination to hear different sounds and music. If you collect more than one, press the duet button on the Newbies' stomachs and the Newbies will sing together. If you have an original Fijit, the Newbie will interact with that, as well when it is in "chirp" mode. There are eight Newbies to collect in the first assortment. Each is sold separately and has a different color and signature song.

Is It Fun?

These are cute and funny little characters that provide collectability, interaction, and social play with other Newbies owners. Fans of the original Fijits will like playing and interacting with the Newbies.

Who It’s For

The Fijit Friends Newbies will primarily appeal to girls ages 6 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

The Fijit Friends Newbies come with three button-cell batteries, but these are for try-me purposes. Mattel recommends replacing the batteries before you play for best results.