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What It Is

What It Is, an online fashion doll website, teamed up with Mattel and Barbie to create the Stardoll by Barbie Collection of eight different dolls. The dolls are based on four of the most popular virtual Stardoll stores in Starplaza: Fallen Angel, Doll Space, Pretty n' Love, and Bonjour Bizou. There are two dolls for each store, and the dolls are dressed in outfits that fit with each store's theme, such as goth for Fallen Angel or sparkly for Doll Space. Inspired by Stardoll avatars (the online Stardoll characters), Stardoll by Barbie dolls feature details such as rooted eyelashes, a unique face and body sculpt, as well as a distinct style, for a play experience that is authentically Stardoll, which means dressing up, changing outfits, and then showing off the results. Each doll comes with 100 Stardollars to spend on the site and a gift card that unlocks exclusive fashions and accessories online, as well as a one-week Superstar membership (which allows access to exclusive content not available with a free membership) for new users or an extended membership for current Stardoll users.

Why It’s Fun

Barbie has always been about hair and fashion play. The Stardoll by Barbie Collection provides new, trendy fashions and beautiful-looking dolls to girls. These dolls are great for users who are familiar with the different Stardoll stores and avatars, but those unfamiliar with will also like the great look of these dolls.

The play is in dressing the dolls up and then displaying them. These are not designed to be played with the way traditional, mainstream Barbies are.

Who It’s For

The Stardoll by Barbie Collection is for ages 6 and up. is targeted mainly toward girls 7—17.

What to Be Aware of

Accessory packs for the dolls will also be available and will retail for about $15.99.

Stardoll is a virtual paper-doll community site. Users create their own MeDoll or choose from an ever-growing collection of celebrity dolls and dress them up in a wide selection of fashions. Every celebrity doll has a wardrobe full of unique clothes, and there are new dolls released every week. is a free website, however, there is the option to upgrade to a Superstar membership for access to exclusive content. The membership cost differs based on what extra content a user wants to purchase. When a user purchases Stardollars, the Stardoll currency, for the first time, she automatically gets a Superstar membership. Then she can choose to either buy more time on her membership or only purchase more Stardollars.