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What It Is

What It Is

The Level 2 Mini Guitars from First Act are acoustic guitars designed for budding musicians. The guitars feature a traditional body shape, real tuning gears, and four easy-playing strings. The guitars feature different characters that kids love, such as Cars 2 and Disney Princesses. Each is sold separately.

Now, for any real musicians who might be reading this, the instrument is really a Ukelele because of its four strings, and it should be tuned as such. (G,C,E,A)

Why It’s Fun

What we like about these guitars is that they offer actual musical elements for kids to explore. While not necessarily teaching kids how to play the guitar, these guitars are designed to get kids comfortable with a guitar and may inspire an interest in the instrument down the road.

Most importantly, the Level 2 Mini Guitars are all about just letting kids play. By age 3, toddlers have begun to imitate words and tunes of familiar songs, learning through rhyme and repetition. With these guitars, kids are mirroring what they hear and see and engaging in open-ended, imaginative play.

Who It’s For

The Level 2 Mini Guitars are for ages 3 and up.

What to Be Aware of

Music can play an important role in a child's development. Studies have shown that it can enhance a child's intellectual, social, emotional, and physical development.

From a tuning standpoint, you'll have to retune it often over the first few days as the strings adapt to being stretched. This happens with real instruments as well as toy ones.