Max Force Terrornator 85

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What It Is

What It Is

The Max Force Terrornator may look like any regular blaster, but instead of foam ammo, the ammo is compressed paper that Jakks Pacific calls Soft Splat. This is essentially a very elaborate spitball shooter. The Terrornator unit itself is easy to assemble. Then, to get it ready to fire, insert the ammo into the cartridge belt and soak it for about 10 seconds to activate it. Then load the belt into the blaster and fire. When fired, the Terrornator Soft Splat ammo can hit targets up to 85 feet away. It comes with 250 Soft Splat pellets and a pair of safety goggles.

Why It’s Fun

The Soft Splat ammo makes a great splat on flat surfaces, such as glass. It looks messy, but it's really easy to clean up. Kids will think it's cool to see the ammo splat against something. This is a great innovation in the blaster category, and it's different from any foam blasters we've seen before. It's also part of a classic play pattern that boys love.

Who It’s For

The Max Force Terrornator 85 is for ages 5 and up. If you don't approve of blasters for your kids, then this is not the toy for you.

However, for kids who like this kind of toy—and parents who approve—this is really an outstanding toy. It's well-designed, easy to operate, and it is great for target practice and competition.

What to Be Aware of

Additional rounds of Soft Splat ammo pellets are sold in 300-packs for $10.

Shoot the Soft Splat ammo within 20 minutes of soaking it or the ammo will either get too soggy or dry out and it won't shoot as well.

Don't aim the ammo at people or animals, and especially don't aim it at the head or eyes. The blaster comes with safety goggles and you should insist that your kids wear them.