The Logo Board Game

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What It Is

What It Is

The Logo Board Game tests your knowledge of the brands you love. Do you know what's in a V8? What does UPS stand for? Can you name the most popular brand of frozen TV dinners? If you can answer these questions and more correctly, you're on your way to the center of the game board—the winning zone.

There are three types of question cards in The Logo Board Game. Picture cards ask a question that relates to the picture on the card. The answers to Theme cards all have a common theme. Pot Luck cards feature general knowledge and logo questions. There are four questions on the back of each card and each question has a different color: purple, green, yellow, and red. If you answer a purple question correctly, you move your piece to the next purple space on the board. If you correctly answer a green question, move to the next green space on the board, etc. There are no dice to roll. If you answer incorrectly, the player to your left gets to answer. Be the first player to the winning zone and correctly answer two consecutive questions to win.

The Logo Board Game comes with six movers, 400 game cards, and a circular board. It is for two to six players. The game can also be played in teams.

Why It’s Fun

If you like pop culture and trivia, then The Logo Board Game won't disappoint. This is a great party game that gets people thinking about the brands and logos they use and see every day.

Who It’s For

The Logo Board Game is for ages 12 and up.

What to Be Aware of

You might think this game is easy because it's all about brands and logos, which, in today's culture, seem to surround us at all times. (In fact, the average American sees about 3,000 advertising images/logos every day!) But this game will most likely give you some interesting facts that you never knew about your favorite brands, or let you surprise yourself and your friends about how much you've absorbed—and recall—about advertising.