B.I.G. Power Hand

from Jakks Pacific


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  • B.I.G. Power Hand
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What It Is

What It Is

The B.I.G. Power Hand is part of a new roleplay line from Jakks Pacific's CDI division. B.I.G. Become Incredibly Big is a line of roleplay toys designed to transformer kids into bigger and more powerful versions of themselves. The B.I.G. Power Hand is three times the size of a kid's hand and slips onto a child's hand like a glove. By moving their own hand, kids can make the Power Hand move.

The B.I.G. Power Hand features a form-fitting glove with an adjustable strap, spring-loaded joints for life-like articulation, an opposable thumb, and rubberized grips on the fingers for enhanced gripping power.

Additional accessories, sold separately, enhance the fun of the B.I.G. Power Hand: Laser Zapper, Recon Light, Mech Armor Upgrade, and Ninja Armor Upgrade.

Why It’s Fun

The B.I.G. Power Hand is a cool new way for boys to roleplay. Boys will like that this over-sized hand moves just like a real hand, allowing them to pick things up, scratch their backs, and just about anything else they can do with their real hands. The B.I.G. Power Hand opens up a lot of imaginative play possibilities.

Who It’s For

The B.I.G. Power Hand is for boys ages 6 and up. The Power Hand adjusts to fit hand sizes for boys ages 6—10, but we were able to get our adult hands into the Power Hand, too.

What to Be Aware of

The B.I.G. Power Hand only fits one hand with left and right Power Hands sold separately.