Piggyback Bandz

from Fungrins



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What It Is

What It Is

For a couple of years now, kids have loved collecting and wearing shaped rubber band bracelets. But when they wear a shaped bracelet on their wrist, they can no longer tell what shape it is. Piggyback Bandz changes that. When kids wear Piggyback Bandz, a mini rubber figure stands up on top of the band (or "piggybacks," hence the name) to show what the shape of the bracelet is. Kids can easily see what shape they are wearing. With the letter Piggyback Bandz, kids can wear multiple bands to spell out words on their arm. Piggyback Bandz are available in the following themes: cool rides, football, glam, groovy, sea life, safari, alphabet, extra letters, and baseball.

Why It’s Fun

Piggyback Bandz adds a new dimension to a new classic play pattern. These rubber bracelets are great for trading, collecting, or just showing off what shape you're wearing.

Who It’s For

Piggyback Bandz are for ages 3 and up.

What to Be Aware of

Piggyback Bandz come in themed packs of 25.